Child Resistant Packaging

The Importance Of Testing Child-resistance Packaging Before You Buy It

Child Resistant Packaging becomes the choice of many industries and companies. You sell marijuana that can be used as a medical alternative for certain health issues. You know that your product comes with many benefits. However, you must consider how the product will be when customers buy it. They might store your product on the shelf where their children can reach it. Your business may face unwanted issue due to lawsuit matter if something happens caused by your product.

If this is the right time to switch to child-resistant packaging, you may wonder to get to know a few things. However, quality is a crucial thing. You must pay attention to the quality of your product and its packaging need. In simple words, you must also use quality packages so your product really comes with good quality.

Many packaging companies offer their products. Somehow, you must test potential products that you will buy. Truly child-resistant packaging must be tested. In addition, it must be manufactured based on a safety standard. The test must be outlined in the poison packaging prevention act or PPPA.

A minimum of 85% of child participants must be enabled to open the packaging product in order the packages pass the test. You must also test older adults’ panels so you can ensure the package is easy enough for seniors to open. About 90% of participants must be able to properly open and close the package. The testing process takes time but it measures the safety of the package.

You must also consider the packaging material. Since you need packaging products to package your products, it may not cause any side effects when people consume your products. You can ask as many questions as possible. You also should do the research to enrich your knowledge of safe and harmful packaging materials.